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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Edmonton Meals on Wheels funded?

Meal fees = 53%

City of Edmonton FCSS = 18%

Donations, casino & fundraising = 22%

Grants, interest & other = 7%

Are the meals free?

Edmonton Meals on Wheels is a pay for service. Revenue from meal fees go directly to purchasing the groceries for the meals. There is a subsidy available for low income qualifying clients on the Chef’s Choice® Hot Meal Program.

Do you need a referral to have Meals on Wheels?

Edmonton Meals on Wheels provides service to anyone who is in need of nutritional support. We are an inclusive organization that has the infrastructure available to expand to meet community need thus we do not have a waiting list nor is a referral needed.

We assist those who need short term (caregiver relief, injury, recovery,  seasonal) or long term nutritional help.

How many meals are made each year?

Edmonton Meals on Wheels produces over 450,000 meal items a year.

How do you do it?

We are an energetic, creative and innovative organization led by a voluntary and skilled Board of Directors. Our staff is organized and our volunteers passionate. The environment is hospitable and inclusive. People who touch our agency often stay for the long term.

How many volunteers do you have?

We currently have over 800 active volunteers. On any given day we have up to 45 volunteers helping out. Do you have some time? Volunteers are always needed to ensure that the needs of the community and those depending on us are met.