Can You Help Connect People in Need with Food?


Prep, deliver, change lives, repeat. At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, our volunteers deliver so much more than a meal. From isolation breaking visits, to preparing diet conscious meals, our services feed both the body and soul. Every day our kitchen is filled with friendly volunteers who are buzzing around and preparing healthy meals for those in need. From there, our amazing Meal Delivery Drivers hit the road to visit those in need within our city. It is because of the healthy meals being produced and the friendly visits from our volunteers, that our homebound neighbours are able to live happier, healthier lives within their own houses.

But what do we do when the warm months hit and the kitchen isn’t buzzing with as many volunteers and we don’t have as many wheels out on the road? We turn to the community for help!

Between May 22nd-June 20th, Edmonton Meals on Wheels is having our largest recruitment drive yet! The goal is to add 30 new regularly scheduled volunteers to our roster. With morning, afternoon, and evening volunteer positions available, there is a place for everyone! Whether you see yourself preparing food in the kitchen, delivering fresh, tasty meals to clients in need, or grocery shopping for your homebound neighbours, you’re sure to find your place with Edmonton Meals on Wheels. Consider donating your time and making a difference in your community by volunteering, today. Click here to sign up and be a part of this awesome initiative! Once you do, don't forget to use #yeg30in30 on social media, and spread the word!