Grow-a-Row Season Is Blooming!

Do you have extra produce growing in your garden? Edmonton Meals on Wheels is looking for fresh food donations to be used in our healthy, tasty meals! Growing an extra row in your garden is a fun and easy way to give back this summer to those who need it most. And it’s easy! You grow extra produce of any kind and any amount and drop it off at our office, then we take it and work it into our menu to add extra taste and freshness to different meals and snacks for clients. A great part about Grow-a-Row is that nothing goes to waste; every last piece of produce is used. Additionally, it helps to ensure that clients are always receiving vegetables in their meals, even if there is a shortage somewhere else. It also keeps the budget down in the kitchen, ensuring that overall costs stay low. Another benefit, as mentioned before, is being able to incorporate new items into the menu. Client, Keith is a big fan of the Grow-a-Row program, “I’m all about nutrition and variety. For me it’s just a much better taste and a much better experience if I have some fresh vegetables in my meal”. This program helps to show how important fresh, locally grown produce is to the community. From beets to rhubarb, dill to apples, an array of different items is always appreciated!

So, how can you get involved? Simply grow an extra row of produce in your garden and bring it to our office (11111 103 Ave.) between 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Please call 780-429-2020 for more information about dropping your produce off.


To see how Grow-a-Row is taken from your garden to a client’s plate, check out our segment on Global, by clicking here.