Happy Valentine's Day!


On the second Saturday of every month, Heather volunteers her time and purchases groceries for Aime and Mae. She makes sure to pick up fresh milk, bread, and, most importantly, flowers to be given to Mae. This is a request that Aime had asked when they first signed up for Edmonton Meals on Wheels’ Store to Door program. At 82 years old, giving flowers to his sweetheart is something that he is happy to still be able to do. Aime and Mae are lucky to have each other. While they are homebound, they aren’t completely isolated. On the other side of the river, lives a couple in a similar situation. Norm and Margaret have the pleasure of enjoying Chef’s Choice Daily Meals five days a week. While they have one another to depend on, meal delivery from friendly volunteers makes all the difference. “It’s hard to buy for just two people, especially for seniors. With this service, I’m not constantly running to the store and I don’t have to worry about cooking”, says Norm. A true love story, Norm and Margaret met on Valentine’s Day 30 years ago. While they both love life, it has not come without hardships. Norm survived throat cancer and Margaret depends on an oxygen tank to breathe. Although they would like to get out to restaurants and shops on a day like today to celebrate their anniversary, Margaret is limited. That is where healthy and tasty meal delivery can help. Through supporting Edmonton Meals on Wheels, you can ensure that couples like these are able to enjoy their time with one another. Thank you to everyone that has kept Aime and Mae, Norm and Margaret, and many other couples happy, healthy, and, most importantly, together in their own homes.


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