It’s National Volunteer Week!


Here at Edmonton Meals on Wheels, we make it a priority to listen to clients and volunteers. From best-selling dishes to how volunteering helps, we want to hear it all! To celebrate National Volunteer Week 2019, we are sharing all of the outstanding statistic that volunteers helped to achieve. Taking a look back at client and volunteer surveys gives us insight to make the next year even better. After tallying answers, results, and order forms, we are proud to announce some of the most exciting stats from 2018!

92% of clients feel that they are more socially connected with others because of their visits with volunteers.

96.5% of clients say that they feel that Edmonton Meals on Wheels has made them feel more independent than before.

92% of volunteers happily say that they have made new friends or good relationships with staff, clients, and volunteers.

92% share that volunteering at Edmonton Meals on Wheels is satisfying, life enriching, and rewarding.

95 Christmas dinners were delivered on December 25th by 23 volunteers.

355 Christmas gift packages were put together and delivered during the holidays.

There were a total of 1,242 volunteers that supported their homebound neighbours. In 2018, they donated a total of 52,629 hours.

Of those hours, 26,016 were spent delivering meals and 14,420 were in the kitchen, helping to prepare and package meals. The rest of the hours were dedicated to special events, grocery shopping programs, and more.

A total of 130,760 KMs were driven by delivery drivers, last year.

About 77% of clients live alone. More than a meal delivery service, volunteers helped these people break the social isolation that they felt.

70% of clients are over the age of 70.

63% of clients rely on meal subsidy rates. This extra help is for low-income clients.

There was a 31% overall increase of those who depend on meal subsidy in 2018, from 2017. To ensure that this help continues, consider donating to Edmonton Meals on Wheels’ 50/50/50 campaign.

The average number of meals produced each day, between both Chef’s Choice Frozen Meals and Chef’s Choice Daily Meals was 763.

The number of fresh sandwiches made in house was 43,709.

The most popular Chef’s Choice Frozen Meal was the Classic Meatloaf.

We are happy to report that 63% of Chef’s Choice Daily Meal clients receive a special diet. Whether it’s an allergy or a texture modification, we ensure that our meals are healthy, tasty, and just right for clients.

Thank you to both volunteers and clients for taking the time to give such great feedback. To all supporters and volunteers- we thank you for making all of these amazing results possible! To donate to your homebound neighbours, click here.