Meals on Wheels is Here to Help This Season

Snow, ice, and more will soon be lining the streets of Edmonton. For most people it means a little bit longer of a commute to work. For some Edmonontians, it means limited or no access to the once clear streets. Edmonton Meals on Wheels clients will be on the rise as the snow keeps falling. Some will be depending on the service more than usual, while others will be signing up for their first winter that they need help.

How can Meals on Wheels support those in need during these long winter months? Clients have a few options to choose from. The Grocery Bag program is the perfect solution for someone who still desires the independence of cooking their own food, but simply cannot make it out of their home. It’s the convenience of a store, delivered right to your door. There are over one hundred items to choose from, all of which help to contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. If you’re looking for a more personalized grocery program, our Store-to-Door service may be just right for you. Using Store-to-Door allows you to choose the grocery store of your choice, as well as specific items, sizes, and brands. Another option is our Chef’s Choice frozen meal program. These are taste and nutrient packed meals that are ready to go when you are. From homemade beef and spinach lasagna, to their savory pesto salmon dish, there’s sure to be something that you like. Chef’s Choice frozen meals are a great addition to any freezer. Lastly, Edmonton Meals on Wheels’ Chef’s Choice Daily Meals are a great way to ensure that, even in the snowy weather, healthy food is on its way. Being delivered daily, Monday through Friday, they are a great option for someone that needs just a little more help. With an exciting, rotating menu and diet modifications, Chef’s Choice Daily Meals are a helping hand that everyone can enjoy.

Don’t forget that with each grocery or meal delivery comes a friendly volunteer that can help break up the isolation that many feel during the long winter months. Click here to view all of our programs or call 780-429-2020 to get started today!