Meet Alicia, Our Featured Volunteer!


This Featured Volunteer is a full-time Meals on Wheels superstar! Monday through Friday, Alicia helps to prepare and package meals for homebound Edmontonians. During her shifts she can be found working up a storm while also catching up with volunteers and staff alike. She loves to give back. She also likes knowing that clients are enjoying their meals because it lets her know that her contributions are making a difference. Alicia first decided to give back as a way to get out of the house more and to keep busy. Why does she continue to donate her time? Because of “the fun experience I have. I love working here”, she says. Always ready to take on the day, Alicia is a great addition to the kitchen. Whether it’s scooping soup into bowls or peeling fresh vegetables, she is set on doing a good job. Outside of volunteering her time at Edmonton Meals on Wheels, Alicia likes to spend time with her family and friends. When asked what she hopes to accomplish through her volunteering, she says “I hope to make a difference each day; I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave”. Thank you for all of your help, Alicia!


*Thank you to Panago Pizza for supporting this initiative!