Meet Bill and Marguerite, Our Featured Volunteers


These Featured Volunteers have been helping out for some time. 33 years, to be exact! This milestone duo, Marguerite and Bill Kercher, first got involved because of a parent who needed the service. They saw the good that it did in Marguerite’s mother’s life and decided that giving back to Meals on Wheels would be well worth their time. Why do they continue to donate their time? It’s simple, says Bill, “it helps people”.  Having met great volunteers and clients along the way is just one of the perks, he says, “right from day one we enjoyed talking to recipients and having a few words. We felt that they were happy to see us”. Their favourite part about being Volunteer Meal Delivery Drivers? Interacting with the clients who receive the food. While they acknowledge some are more talkative than others, they say that it’s always nice to see that they are happy to receive a meal and enjoy some socialization, as well. One client, whom they have been visiting for years, has a dog named Juno. Juno has gotten so used to Bill and Marguerite visiting, he knows when their car has arrived. Always with a treat in hand, Bill and Marguerite are happy to know that they are helping not only someone that is homebound, but their four-legged companions as well. Over the years, clients have let Bill and Marguerite know how thankful they are for their time. Some have even given them cards to show their gratitude. When asked about any memorable client stories, Bill says, “they show their appreciation in small ways and that’s good enough for us”. Outside of their many hours spent helping Meals on Wheels clients, Bill and Marguerite have an acreage that they enjoy visiting. Marguerite is also part of a hiking group, which she joined around the same time as Meals on Wheels. Through their 30 plus years of volunteering with Edmonton Meals on Wheels, the Kerchers’ have helped many homebound Edmontonians. We are lucky to have them as part of the volunteer team and happy that they enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. Thank you, Bill and Marguerite! 


*Thank you to Panago for supporting this initiative.