Meet Brandon, Our Featured Volunteer!

This month’s Featured Volunteer doesn’t look at volunteering like it is work, because it’s something he loves to do. When Brandon came to Edmonton Meals on Wheels in 2018, he was new to the city and didn’t know a lot of people. He had always been interested in cooking, and thought volunteering would be a great way to connect with others. These days, it’s almost impossible to miss Brandon’s vibrant smile and positive attitude when he shows up for his weekly shift in our kitchen. He finds great pleasure in giving back to his community, and enjoys being surrounded by individuals who share this attitude. The friendships he has made along the way and the people he works with are Brandon’s favourite part about volunteering. “It doesn’t feel like work, because you're basically just hanging out with friends”, he says. Brandon has many memories volunteering. One of his favourites was when another volunteer stood up and starting singing “Over the Rainbow” loud enough for the whole kitchen to hear. Aside from the people he works with, Brandon enjoys knowing that he is providing a critical service for those in need. He first realized the impact of his contributions when he portioned 300 meals in three hours. Thinking about all of the people who may not have had a meal to eat otherwise made him understand the importance of his work. When Brandon isn’t busy in the Meals on Wheels kitchen, he keeps busy with school work and reading. Thank you for all that you do, Brandon!