Meet Daniel, Our Featured Volunteer!

This month’s Featured Volunteer makes giving back to his community a priority. When Daniel moved to the city in 2016, he was looking for a way to meet others and help people in his new community. So when he read an ad in a local newspaper for Delivery Drivers for Meals on Wheels, he decided to give it a shot. Since then, Daniel has become a familiar face around the office. Whether it’s delivering meals to clients, or preparing meals in the kitchen, Daniel is always willing to lend a helping hand. One of his favorite parts about being an Edmonton Meals on Wheels volunteer is the community. Daniel enjoys being surrounded by people who share the same attitude towards helping others. Through delivering meals to clients, he has witnessed the difference his contributions are making. When Daniel sees how happy clients are when they answer the door, he is reminded that he is “feeding more than just a belly”. One of his favorite stories is when he delivered a meal to a woman he had not visited in awhile. Even in her frail state, she was delighted to see him and even held his hand as she walked him back to the elevator. Daniel remembers this moment because of how special it made him feel. When he is not helping at Edmonton Meals on Wheels, Daniel continues to give back to his community by volunteering at several other organizations, including his neighborhood community league. Daniel’s motivation for volunteering is simple: “Life has been good to me. Volunteering is one way for me to give back to others that have not been so lucky”. Thank you for all that you do, Daniel!