Meet Gertie, Our Featured Volunteer!


This Featured Volunteer spends every Wednesday morning chopping, baking, and packaging food in the Edmonton Meals on Wheels kitchen. Decked in her white apron and colourful scrubs, Gertie has become a core part of the volunteer crew. Aside from the gratifying feeling that she gets when she donates her time, she is happy to have made new friends and memories. One person in particular has stood out the most. When asked what her favourite Meals on Wheels story is, she says it’s meeting her new friend, Brian. “He is just so kind. I met him one week and then next time I came into the kitchen, he remembered me and called me by name. It was just so nice”, she says. One of her favourite parts about volunteering at Meals on Wheels in particular, is that she feels it is a well-oiled machine. Gertie loves to help. When she’s not supporting homebound Edmontonians during the week, she likes to attend church, participate in physical fitness, and volunteer at other charities. When asked what she hopes to accomplish through her support, Gertie says “filling my passion for helping others and broadening my knowledge of other organizations.” Thank you for all that you do within Edmonton, Gertie!


*Thank you to Panago Pizza for supporting this initiative.