Meet Graeme, Our Featured Volunteer!

This month’s Featured Volunteer is a jack of all trades in our busy kitchen! Graeme started volunteering at Edmonton Meals on Wheels back in April, following an accident which made him unable to work. After years of working as a Journeyman tradesperson, Graeme decided he simply wanted to give back to his community. One of his family members relied on Meals on Wheels services for years, so he was familiar with the service and quality of the meals. As someone who enjoys cooking and trying new foods, this was important to him. Graeme now spends each Friday afternoon dicing veggies and preparing sandwiches in our kitchen. Even with his injury, he is capable of doing almost all the kitchen duties. His favourite part about volunteering at Meals on Wheels is meeting and working with so many amazing people. He knows that everyone is there for the same reason—to help others in need. Graeme especially enjoys working with our baker, Walter. His favourite stories come from the shifts they work together. They have a lot of fun together, and Walter even gives him cooking tips here and there. Volunteering for a good cause makes Graeme feel good inside, and it has even helped with his rehabilitation. Each time Graeme sees the meal boxes go out and come back empty, he is reminded that he is making a difference. “It lets me know that someone who is unable to cook for themselves has received a nourishing meal that I helped prepare”, he says. Graeme would tell a friend that volunteering at Meals on Wheels is a great idea, as long as they realize their payback comes in the form of personal satisfaction from helping others. Although he plans to return to his chosen profession one day, Graeme enjoys the feeling he gets from giving back. Through his volunteer work, Graeme hopes to make a difference any way he can. Thank you, Graeme, for all that you do!