Meet Graham Construction and Engineering- Our Featured Volunteers!

These Featured Volunteers are helping to construct a better community through donating their time. As a team, Graham Construction and Engineering volunteer their time twice a week to deliver meals to our clients in need. What they do for the community is truly inspiring! They first got involved because, as a team, they had a desire to give back and thought that Edmonton Meals on Wheels would be a great fit. People from different groups within their company have come out and gotten involved, so it has been a great teambuilding opportunity as well. It’s about being able to help out in the community while also building their own ties. What keeps them coming back to volunteer week after week? Seeing how grateful clients are just to have some interaction with their employees. “The clients are so kind and appreciative when you show up at their door, that’s what makes you want to go back again” says Taylor, Shop Administrator. As a team, they are all so appreciative of the help that they are able to provide to homebound Edmontonians in need. They love to hear people’s stories about their younger years, or just see them smile when they show up on their doorstep with their meal. Through volunteering they hope to make a difference in other people’s lives while working on building themselves as well. They like the idea of getting out there and doing something different. Graham Construction and Engineering, thank you so much for all that you do for our clients!