Meet Hunter, Our Featured Volunteer!


This featured volunteer pays attention to all the details. Meet Hunter. He volunteers with Meals on Wheels and through his role, ensures that all four of our delivery vans are clean and ready to go for deliveries. His determination is just one of the reasons that he is so good at what he does here.  “I enjoy seeing the difference of vehicles between when I start working with them and when I finish”, he says. Hunter spends hours each week detailing the delivery vans and is glad that his previous work experience has helped him shine.  When asked what makes him continue to donate his time, he says “I have a lot of respect for this organization and what it does for our community.” One of his favourite memories from his volunteering experience at Meals on Wheels? When a delivery driver told him that the cleanliness of the vehicles keeps him eager to return and do his own volunteer role. Outside of volunteering, he enjoys focusing on rebuilding strength, meeting new people, and witnessing friends succeed in their goals. Through his volunteering, Hunter wants to show gratitude to as many volunteer drivers as he can through ensuring each delivery vehicle is spotless, as well as attract as much awareness to Meals on Wheels’ programs as possible. Thank you for all that you do, Hunter!


Thank you to Panago Pizza for supporting this initiative.