Edmonton Meals on Wheels

Meet Lambert - Our Featured Volunteer!

This Featured Volunteer is cooking up something good. Lambert, a Meal Delivery Driver and Kitchen Helper, wants to get to know his city by helping those around him. After graduating university, he set out to do something that he didn’t have time to do before: Volunteer at Edmonton Meals on Wheels. Combining his love for cooking and his passion for helping, he found his perfect fit. “Meals on Wheels gives me the opportunity to fulfill my wishes”, Lambert said. He sees our services as a way to solve the many problems that our clients face. He also said it directly changes their lives. “Almost every client ever has told me that they are thankful for the food that I bring to them”, he says. Lambert loves to listen to clients’ stories and credits himself as being a good listener. He said that one time, he and a meal recipient chatted for two and a half hours. And during a different visit, he was able to speak Cantonese to one of the clients that he delivered to. That was a special moment for him. Lambert enjoys talking to elderly people and says that “their lives are unique and cannot be learnt from history books”. Speaking of books, when Lambert isn’t volunteering, he likes to sit back and read Durant Will’s The Story of Civilization. He is happy to help in any way that he can. He appreciates that, with volunteering, he has the opportunity to talk to people and allow them to share their experiences with him. Thank you for all that you, Lambert