Meet Lynn, Our Featured Volunteer!


This Featured Volunteer has a packed schedule. One thing that takes priority? Volunteering her time with our Store-to-Door grocery delivery program. Lynn was looking to give back to her community and after seeing a segment on Global News, decided that Edmonton Meals on Wheels was the right fit for her. Being out of Edmonton for work a large amount of the time, she knew that she needed something flexible, with evening hours. Being a Store-to-Door volunteer checked all of the boxes. Being able to see clients and the difference that she is making has been a rewarding way for her to spend her time. “I get just as much out of it as the client does, it makes me happy to help”. Outside of Meals on Wheels, Lynn works in sales, is an Oilers season ticket holder, and live music listener. She also volunteers with a pet rescue agency, writing animal biographies for their website. We are so lucky that Lynn decided to donate her time to her homebound neighbours and are so glad that she is seeing the impact that volunteering with her isolated neighbours can make.  “I just wanted to make a difference to one person, if you can impact one life, I consider that rewarding”. Thank you for all that you do, Lynn!