Meet Mona, Our Featured Volunteer!

This month’s Featured Volunteer was encouraged to pay it forward at a young age, and now she hopes to pass this lesson down to her own kids. Volunteering is very important to Evening Delivery Driver, Mona, and has been for many years. “Since I was a teenager, I’ve felt like I need to do for others when I can”, she explains. Mona reached out to us in 2017, while on maternity leave with her second child. She wanted to help others, and needed something with flexible hours. Being an Evening Delivery Driver checked all the boxes. Even after taking care of her two young children all day, volunteering is something she looks forward to. No matter the weather, rain or snow, Mona always shows up with a smile. When she sees clients who would have a hard time getting nutritious food without Meals on Wheels, she knows her contributions are making a difference. It makes her happy to be part of an invaluable service. Since delivering her first meal, Mona has learned that “it doesn’t take a lot of time to make a big difference”. Knowing this is what motivates her to find time to volunteer. She fits her weekly delivery route into her busy schedule, even if it means bringing her kids along! Clients always smile a little brighter on those days, and Mona enjoys showing her children what it means to help others. In doing so, she hopes to “keep the volunteering cycle going”. She strives to give people who need it an extra hand, because she believes that everyone deserves a good meal. Thank you, Mona, for all that you do!