Meet Ronda, Our Featured Volunteer!



This Featured Volunteer is always willing to lend an extra helping hand. Ronda came to Edmonton Meals on Wheels after she saw an ad in the newspaper, last spring. She thought “I can do that!” and boy, was she right! Ronda has quickly become a key member of the Meals on Wheels volunteer team, not only delivering meals but helping at special events, as well. Something she looks forward to during her volunteer time is when she arrives at a client’s door and she is instantly greeted with a smile. “The people. Just the people. Hearing about their stories. Meeting their pets. Somebody showing me their framed pictures that they made. I guess just getting to know these people and learning their stories” is the most rewarding part, she says. Ronda’s love for helping connect people with food must have been passed on to her son. Recently, while travelling in Chile, he had an urge to help the less fortunate and provided a steak dinner for 30 homeless people, as well as a large pizza and ice cream party for children in government care. What a giving family! When asked about her favourite delivery story, Ronda said “Probably Janette. She hadn’t been feeling great. I can’t remember what we were talking about, but we both just burst out laughing. And she said ‘I feel so much better! I just needed a good belly laugh!’ If I can make them laugh, then I feel like I helped. Because laughing is good for the soul.” Through her volunteering, Ronda says that she doesn’t know if she will ever make a difference in someone’s life, but she hopes she does! Thank you for all that you do, Ronda!


*Thank you to Panago for supporting this initiative