Meet Theresa- Our Featured Volunteer!


This featured volunteer liked helping out at Edmonton Meals on Wheels so much, she turned it into a fulltime job. When a sudden temporary position opened up, Theresa was eager to fill the role. She had recently started volunteering in October, but knew that she was ready to take on the responsibility. Theresa said she knew she could help to continue to make a difference and felt like her skills were being recognized. And they are! Theresa’s help in preparing and packaging meals has been imperative to the daily kitchen routine. Theresa first heard about helping out at Edmonton Meals on Wheels through her friend Brett, a Meal Delivery Driver. He told her that it was a great organization and Theresa says she couldn’t agree more. “I love the staff and how I am treated as part of the team”, says Theresa.

She added that she loves the socialization aspect of volunteering. Being semi-retired, it helps to keep her busy and she has become fast friends with everyone. Thank you for everything that you do, Theresa!