Meet Tyler, Our Featured Volunteer!

This month’s Featured Volunteer always knows how to make someone’s day a little bit brighter. Tyler was looking for an opportunity to give back to the community when he saw last year’s #30in30 advertisements. After learning more about the organization, he didn’t hesitate to sign up. The Store-To-Door program is a perfect fit for Tyler. The flexible hours mean he still has time to spend with his family, friends, and dog, Hulk. Through volunteering, Tyler had hoped to “add value to others lives”, and that is exactly what he has done. Roughly every two weeks, Tyler picks up groceries and delivers them to the home of his client, Anna. In addition to ensuring Anna has food to eat, the two have developed a special friendship. During one of their phone calls, Anna was delighted to inform him that she was starting to walk without her walker. The next time Tyler came with her groceries, he barely made it through the door before she stood up and began doing laps around the apartment. She was so excited to share this accomplishment with him! This was one of Tyler’s most memorable shifts. He recalls another meaningful interaction from a time when he visited Anna after she had gotten her hair done. Tyler complimented her on the new look and watched as her face lit up. Seeing how happy she was in this moment is something Tyler will never forget. Tyler began to realize just how large of an impact he was having when Anna told him that she “wouldn’t be able to live without him.” She often sends Tyler messages or calls him just to say how much she appreciates him and his service. It’s moments like these that drive Tyler the most. He says, “simply knowing in my heart that I am helping someone in an area that is a fundamental human need” is what motivates him to continue volunteering. Thank you for all that you do, Tyler!