Moving Forward to Chef's Choice Daily Meals- How Chilled Meals Will Benefit our Clients

Change. It moves us forward and makes way for bigger and better things. That is why Edmonton Meals on Wheels is happy to announce that we are making the change from hot to chilled meals, with our new Chef’s Choice Daily Meals. Don’t fret! We will still be serving our same healthy meals, but, if you can believe it, they will be even tastier. This exciting change will also allow us to service a significantly larger number of people in need. How will our Chef’s Choice Daily Meals improve in taste? With chilled meals, we are able to flash chill freshly made entrees, allowing us to lock in all of the dish’s mouth-watering flavours until clients are ready to enjoy them in their homes. Before we decided to explore this switch, we reached out to our clients with a quick survey. Through our findings, we were able to determine that 78% of clients actually refrigerate their meals before eating them. This is where, with hot meal delivery, a portion of taste and nutrients have the potential to be lost. Due to the blast chilling, our meals will hold in flavour that much longer, which will ensure complete satisfaction. Enhanced flavour is just one of the benefits of our new meal production. Another plus of introducing chilled meals is the expansion of the number of clients that we are able to serve each day. Before this change, we found our kitchen inching closer and closer to maximum meal capacity on any given day. We needed a solution to ensure that we could continue to offer both quality and quantity from our kitchen. At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, we are happy to service both longtime as well as new clients, which results in a rising number of people that require our food services. With this switch to chilled meals, it will allow our kitchen to produce a significantly larger number of meals each day. And don’t forget, with more meals, comes more chances to help out in our kitchen! We are now happy to offer regular afternoon and evening volunteer shifts within our kitchen. Head on over to our volunteer page to apply!