So Much More Than a Meal

Delivering a healthy meal to a person at their home may seem like a simple service. But for many of our senior neighbours, it means so much more. For 79 year old Ken, it means good health. 

For years, Ken took care of Marilyn. He made a vow to her  - in sickness and in health - and he wasn’t going to break it. They got married in the 1980’s. It was the second marriage for both of them, and Ken knew they were soul mates. So when Marilyn’s diabetes created additional health issues, including a leg amputation, Ken happily became her primary caregiver. He took responsibility of the household duties, and doted on his wife. 

Now, like the majority of Meals on Wheels clients, Ken lives alone. He’s slowly adjusting to life without his soul mate, and is forced to take care of himself. For years, he put his health on the back burner. While acting as a caregiver, he gained weight, and his blood pressure went up. After Marilyn passed away, Ken signed himself up for the Meals on Wheels frozen meal service. He now stockpiles his freezer with the healthy and portion-controlled meals, which are delivered by caring volunteers. The results have his doctor amazed. He’s lost weight and his blood pressure is way down. “I’ve lost 60lbs! I credit you guys. The time and energy saving…. you guys are a lifesaver. I wouldn’t survive without you folks.” This holiday season, we need your help in funding the services that are helping Ken maintain his health through this difficult time.

By donating to Edmonton Meals on Wheels, you’re helping to fund meal and grocery deliveries for local seniors like Ken. We’re counting on you to deliver some holiday cheer to a group that needs it the most. We need you to help our aging neighbours. The fact is we will all grow older. Chances are someone you love – maybe even you yourself – will some day need this type of help. Your gift now will help shape what services will be available when you need it.

Meals on Wheels depends on the support of the community – your community – to promote the well-being and independence of our seniors. You’re gift, in any amount, will have a real impact on the ability of the elderly and disabled in the city to live healthy and independent lives. Thank you for helping to provide so much more than a meal.