Your Support Helps to Keep People Like Thomas Nourished


Up until a few months ago, Thomas struggled to get groceries. He’s homebound due to health issues, and has no family in town. Thomas relied on busy neighbours to go to the corner store, and pick up a few items for him when they could. This meant a lot of snacks and high sodium meals ended up in his kitchen. The unhealthy diet made Thomas’s health issues worse. Sometimes he had no food to eat. But today his fridge and cupboards are full of healthy items he enjoys, and this positive change is because of you. 

When you support Meals on Wheels, you’re helping isolated and low-income Edmontonians like Thomas get the nutrition they need to survive. Your donations help fund programs at Meals on Wheels. Programs like the personal grocery shopping service that Thomas relies on.

Thomas’s health issues are what keep him isolated. He uses a motorized scooter and relies on an oxygen tank. He has COPD and asthma, and regularly uses his puffer. He’s even had part of his lung removed. Thomas’s mobility is limited.  Simply moving around his apartment can literally take his breath away. His health issues have created a lot of isolation for him.  He doesn’t get many visitors. He feels the effects of cabin fever year-round.

Because of this, the benefits of being a Meals on Wheels client are more than just food security. By donating to help fund programs at Meals on Wheels, you are helping to reduce social isolation felt by Thomas, and many other locals like him. You are making a positive difference in the health of your homebound neighbours. Thomas now has a guaranteed visitor three times a month, when his Volunteer Grocery Shopper, Tia, shows up with his groceries.  After putting away the items, she always stays for a chat.  They talk about her job as a nurse at a local hospital, and their mutual love of books. Thomas shares stories about his life prior to moving to Alberta. He worked at the Salvation Army, and loved to travel in his spare time. It’s easy to see that this new partnership works for them.

“Tia’s been a really good help she puts my groceries away, phones me when somethings on sale. Your organization really helps me out. It’s very helpful for me.”

When you donate to Edmonton Meals on Wheels, you are helping to achieve so much. You’re helping to provide nutritious meals as well as social contact. You are supporting family caregivers. This all means that you are helping older adults keep their independence in their homes and community. It’s an important role, and many isolated Edmontonians rely on your generosity. We’re so happy to have Edmonton in our corner!

For Thomas, Edmonton Meals on Wheels is a lifeline. It’s enabling him to continue to live in his home, where he’s been for the past several years. It gives him healthy food, social connections, and a support system he previously didn’t have. Your generosity allows your isolated neighbours, like Thomas, the independence they want.

Consider donating to help isolated people like Thomas by clicking here.