Your Support Provides Happy Endings


Ten-year-old Betty has been Mary's "best friend" for the last decade. They have an undeniable bond that is evident as soon as you meet them. At her lowest point, Mary had to choose between buying food for herself or buying food for Betty. She always chose to buy food for Betty.


Since becoming a Meals on Wheels client, Mary no longer has to choose. Thanks in part to the generosity of people like you, we are able to deliver pet food to our low-income clients with furry family members. Clients like 88-year-old Mary, who would rather starve than see their best friends go hungry.


Instead of sharing her food with Betty, Mary now looks forward to receiving her deliveries from Meals on Wheels. Along with cat food, the Volunteer Delivery Driver also brings cat litter, toys, and treats. Everything Mary needs to properly take care of her best friend.


It’s because of your generosity that Mary has what she needs to take care of Betty. It’s also thanks to you that she has what she needs to feed herself. Thanks to your donations, we’re able to help senior and homebound Edmontonians like Mary, who can’t get to the grocery store themselves.


Prior to signing up for Meals on Wheels, Mary was relying on her neighbours. She was paying them to walk to the nearby gas station to get her the basics, like a carton of milk and a can of soup. Mary has mobility issues. The arthritis in her legs cause her pain when she walks. She uses a walker, but still finds it difficult to climb the stairs to get out of her apartment complex. However, asking her neighbours for help wasn’t working. It was costing her a fortune and they weren’t always reliable. She wasn’t getting the nutrition she needed. Her plan wasn’t sustainable.


That’s when a Homecare nurse suggested she call Meals on Wheels. At this point, Mary knew she didn’t have any other choice. Both her and Betty needed access to better and more affordable food. Their health depended on it.


Your donations have provided a happy ending to this story. It’s because of you that Mary and Betty have the food and supplies they need to stay healthy and in their own home. Thanks to you, these “best friends” are happy and well-fed.


Mary now has a Volunteer Shopper, Linda. Linda is reliable, friendly, and shops at Mary’s grocery store of choice. She is no longer surviving off food from the gas station, and very much looks forward to the days when Linda does her shopping for her. Not only does it mean her fridge and cupboards will be full of her food of choice, but it also means she gets a nice visit with Linda – something they both look forward to.


The grocery shopping service that Mary relies on is made possible by donors like you. It’s a service that fits Mary’s needs. She likes doing her own cooking, but her mobility issues make it hard to get to the grocery store. Having Linda help her makes everything easier. And on the nights that Mary doesn’t have the energy to cook, she knows that Meals on Wheels is again there to help. She’s stockpiled her freezer with the frozen entrees from Meals on Wheels. She just pops them in her microwave, and after a few minutes, a healthy, home-cooked meal is ready for her.  


But there are many more Edmontonians like Mary who need your help. If you are reading this, chances are you care about seniors. You want all seniors to have access to healthy food. That’s one of our goals too. With your help, we can help more people like Mary: your homebound neighbours who need a little extra help.


When you donate to Meals on Wheels, you’re supporting the programs that thousands of Edmontonians rely on. Your donations are just as vital as the services we offer. Simply put, without you, there is no Meals on Wheels.


Join others like yourself to make a difference. To help Mary and Betty, and others like them, click here.  


PS: A special thanks to MPAWS – a local, family-run organization, who donate regularly to our pet food program.