Your Support Provides Peace of Mind


It’s a week until Christmas and you’ve just been released from the hospital after your fifth hip surgery. What do you do now?

For Diane this could be her reality this December. She’s expecting to have surgery soon for her ongoing hip issues. Issues that have reduced her mobility and forced her to use a walker. But Diane isn’t worried. She knows that she’ll be taken care of because she’s gone through this before. And it’s you who has helped her through her recovery.

Through her previous surgeries and her broken arm this past summer, she’s relied on Meals on Wheels. Whether it’s the Grocery Bag program, or the daily meals, Diane has gotten the nutrition and support she’s needed to make a quick recovery. Its been your generosity that has allowed Diane to access the services she needs.

Your support is as critical as the services we deliver. When you support your homebound and senior neighbours, you are providing more than just a meal. You’re ensuring that clients like Diane feeler safer and more independent in their own homes. You’re guaranteeing that seniors like Diane feel more socially connected thanks to the visits with the Volunteer Delivery Drivers.

“I was so impressed right from the start. Everyone is so friendly when they come to the door. I enjoy them very much.”  

Receiving Meals on Wheels is not only a relief for Diane, but also for her daughter, Teri. Teri lives out of town, has three children, and a job that requires long hours. For her, it’s a comfort knowing that her mom is being looked after. Diane says, ‘She’s busy. Her kids are 11 and 13. She’s working some pretty long hours. It makes a big difference for them. She doesn’t have to worry about me.” When you donate to Meals on Wheels, you are providing peace of mind to caregivers and family members too.

Meals on Wheels has been a perfect solution for Diane and her family. Her mobility issues prevent her from easily getting to the grocery store and doing her own shopping. The arthritis in her hands make it hard for her to open jars and prepare meals. Receiving the daily, diabetic friendly meals is a healthy, convenient, and economic solution for Diane. The portion controlled and low salt aspect of the meals are also a positive feature. They have helped her lose weight and reduced the soreness she experiences from arthritis.

We want to keep providing affordable, healthy, and balanced meals for seniors in the community. But we can’t do it without your help. There are many clients like Diane who rely on Meals on Wheels for their health and well-being. In fact, each winter, we see a surge in the number of seniors who turn to us for help. The cold and snow add to their isolation. It’s nearly impossible for them to get to the grocery store in this weather, especially if they have a mobility device.  More seniors and homebound Edmontonians need our help in the winter. Today, we need your help.  

Do you have any idea how important you are to the work we do? Your gifts make meal and grocery delivery possible. Your donation in any amount, will be helping to fund the services that Diane and other seniors rely on. Thank you for making the life-changing difference for the vulnerable clients counting on us.  Together, we can deliver!

To help homebound Edmontonians like Diane this holiday season, click here.