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"I feel so lonely and isolated here but it's nice to know there are people like you looking out for me." - Lisa, client

Chef’s Choice®
Frozen Meals


Real Food Ready When You Are

Our Chef’s Choice® frozen menu offers you single-serve meals of home-cooked goodness that you can save for whenever you’re ready.

Better yet, we provide you with variety… everything from traditional favourites to inspired options like Southwest Asian, Halal and vegetarian. Our Red Seal Chef and cooks are also great at preparing seasonal items, available for a select amount of time.


At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, we are serious about nutrition. All our frozen meals are made in our commercial kitchen, with the exception of halal meals and some of our pureed meals. Nutrition information in available in many ways: on the label, our website or by requesting a nutritional chart. The frozen meals we make in-house are labelled with nutritional information.

Frozen pureed meals are also available. Click here or call 780-429-2020 for details.

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Chef’s Choice® frozen meals can be ordered in whatever way works best for you: online or by phone.

For more details, call 780-429-2020.

For those who reside outside of Edmonton, learn more about our Community Freezer Partnership Program.