Our Mission

Our Vision

Edmonton Meals on Wheels stands as a beacon of community support, a not-for-profit organization that operates with a deep commitment to enhancing the lives of its clients. At the heart of this organization's operation are the selfless contributions of volunteers and the generosity of donors. These invaluable individuals form the bedrock upon which the provision of nutritious meals and the implementation of essential programs are made possible for individuals with barriers to nutrition.

Our Clients

Edmonton Meals on Wheels is a vital service that extends far beyond the meals. It operates as a lifeline for a diverse range of individuals, each facing their unique set of challenges that create barriers to accessing or preparing nutritious food. The community served represents a mosaic of backgrounds, including elderly individuals, individuals with disabilities, those recuperating from illnesses or surgeries, and others who may face mobility limitations or financial constraints.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeline of Edmonton Meals on Wheels. These dedicated individuals selflessly contribute their time, effort, and compassion to prepare, package, and deliver meals to the organization's clients. Their commitment extends beyond the mere act of delivering food. Volunteers often become friendly faces, offering conversation, warmth, and a moment of social interaction to individuals who might otherwise experience isolation. They are the frontline ambassadors of care and connection.