Chef’s Choice® Frozen Meals
"I like the food and the selection. The service gives you that feeling of independence. I like being able to stay at home because it's where i'm comfortable. I'm familiar." -client, Harry

Chef's Choice® Daily Meals

Edmonton Meals on Wheels’ Chef's Choice® Daily Meals service promotes nutrition, independence and friendship. Our screened and security-checked volunteers deliver your meals to your home every weekday over the lunch time, with no delivery fees.

Our Chef's Choice® Daily Meals menu provides you with an excellent choice of fresh cooked, healthy meal combinations. Never boring. Always tasty.

Since we have our own commercial kitchen, Red Seal chef and highly skilled cooks, we can accommodate texture modifications (i.e. cut-up, soft, minced or pureed) and special diets (i.e., diabetic, low sodium and renal). Talk to us about your dietary needs, and we can find the diet that best fits your needs. All meals are portion-controlled, so our program is also great for those watching their caloric intake. As we’re a small facility, we can respond quickly to dietary needs.

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It’s so easy to get meal delivery! No referral needed. Simply call our office at 780-429-2020 or go to our Sign Up Now page to have an Edmonton Meals on Wheels representative contact you. Meal delivery can start 48 hours after your intake has been completed!

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What’s included and how much does it cost?

One Meal Package:

1. Soup

2. Protein entrée with starch and vegetables

3. Side of fruit, salad, veggies or juice

4. Dessert (may contain nuts)

$12.00 per day/per person

NOTE: fees may be reduced for qualifying low-income clients


Two Meal Package 

All items from the One Meal Package plus:

1. Sandwich or protein salad

2. Snack item

$14.50 per day, per person

NOTE: fees may be reduced for qualifying low- income clients 



1. Cereal 

2. Milk

3. Juice or fruit

4. Snack item

$3.00 when added onto a meal package.

*breakfast is only available as an add on*


Lunch Package 

1. Soup

2. Sandwich

3. Side of fruit, salad, veggies or juice

4. Dessert

$8.00 per day, per person

NOTE: fees may be reduced for qualifying low-income clients 


Each meal item varies every day so there is lots of variety.

Our Chef's Choice® Daily Meals are delivered Monday to Friday between 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Weekend and holiday meals are delivered frozen on Fridays or the day before the statutory holiday.

Minimum first time order for new clients: five meal packages.

Our volunteers

All our volunteers are fully screened. Those who will be entering clients’ homes must pass a criminal record check. One of the key characteristics of our volunteers is that they care and want to help.

Food facts: