Edmonton Meals on Wheels
“You guys are amazing. I was recovering from hip surgery and am waiting on my knee to be done next, so I figured I’d stay with your program. It’s helped me to keep my weight down while recovering from surgery. Otherwise I’d be eating unhealthy and gaining weight.” Client, Fred

Our Kitchen

At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, we have had our own commercial food production centre since 1988. Our Red Seal Executive Chef and highly skilled cooks use standardized recipes to fill the menu with meals that are healthy and tasty. (All meals are taste tested.)

Our volunteers assist with the food preparation and packaging. For quality control, we also make sure to take temperatures of all food during production and delivery.

At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, we are proud to be part of Alberta Health Services’ Serving Safer Food Alberta program. This advanced food safety program helps food facility managers exceed the legislated requirements for food safety.

Here’s how we uphold our high standards: